Best Practices

No vehicle day :

This practice is observed by this college to create awareness among the student about the rising air pollution. It also creates the idea about the principle of self-control and self-discipline. It saves the natural resources and also the wealth of nation. It also inculcates the national interest among the student. This college is situated at the bank of national highway no. 52. It is difficult to cross the highway. There has been air pollution near the campus area of the college. Therefore the management of the college decided to implement the “No vehicle day” once in a month i.e. the first day of every month. Due to this practice, staff and the students do not use the any automobile vehicle on the fixed day of the month. All the staff and the students of this college use no vehicle (automobiles) either two wheeler or four wheeler specially on this day.

Use Of Solar Energy:

This college utilizes the solar energy to operate the campus electricity poles. This saves a lot of expenditure. This is also eco-friendly activity, requiring no additional maintenance. There is addition of beautifulness in this campus area. by using such type of electricity poles.