Institutional Distinctiveness

The title of the practice :  Dnyanodaya or raising of knowledge

Dnyanodaya or raising of knowledge, this practice is useful in making awareness among the student about their academic career. It develops the reading culture among the student. This practice makes student ready to face competitive challenges among the students. This also increases higher academic perceptive notion. This college is situated in ruler area. Students come from different economic, social, educational background. The area covers majority of the families engaged in agriculture sectors. The parents are improperly educated. They face various difficulties in their respective area. Hence to develop the reading culture, critical thinking, and higher education ratio of student and to increase the employability through various competitive examinations, the college started “Dnyanodaya” the rising of knowledge as its best practice.

To implement this practice, the college prepared extra work load to faculties to guide regarding competitive examinations. Any ambitious student can attend the classes. The college organises lectures and share their experiences. The faculties of our college take hard efforts for the students. They organise various lecture series. The college library provides special facility to a search students. The related reading material is provided to such the students